When you are facing injury, there is usually only one thing on your mind - hope for a fast and full recovery.  This is especially true when your team, your fans, and your career are counting on you to be at your best.  If this is you, then you are in the right place!  Sports injuries are one of the things we do best at Dynamic Life, and our specific type of chiropractic care has been proven to get athletes just like you healing faster and performing better because Dr. Gabriel has extensive training in extremity work!


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Increasing Performance and Injury Recovery



At Dynamic Life, we know that many things can prevent an athlete from reaching their potential and achieving dreams. These include things such as:

  • sprained ankles

  • ACL tears and knee injury

  • muscle, joint, nerve pain

  • repetitive motion injury

  • shin splints

  • turf toe

  • plantar fasciitis

  • tight and strained muscles

  • IT band syndrome

  • hip and groin injury

  • rotator cuff and shoulder problems

  • numbness and tingling

  • tennis and golfer's elbow

  • collision trauma

  • whiplash

  • concussion

  • hand and wrist injury

  • sciatica

  • back and neck pain

  • loss of mobility or flexibility

  • lack of joint stability

  • balance and body perception

  • delayed reaction times

  • prolonged recovery periods

  • weak cardiovascular health

  • fogginess

  • unusual fatigue

  • injury prevention

  • ...many, many other sport-related problems

Athletes of any level - from pee-wee to professional, and any sport from foosball to football - can experience any injury, decreased performance, pain and fogginess at any time.  At Dynamic Life, we understand this and hate seeing people struggle through these issues as they strive to make their dreams come true.  We know these struggles take the fun right out of playing and competing.

Our Method

The first step to a faster recovery is determining the injury down to the deep layers of your body.  Many times a seemingly simple ache or pain, has a much deeper involvement.  Luckily, when we find and correct these underlying problems, the body's incredible ability to heal quickly takes over at its highest state, and allows you get back to the fun.  Dr. Gabriel is uniquely trained in finding the problem at its source and is known for being one of the best at providing the proper, specific corrections. 

The Results

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "What should we expect when we come to see you?"  The answer is simple, "Results!" and here is why:  Dynamic Life Chiropractic uses state-of-the-art equipment to analyze your problem areas - all the way down to the nerves of your nervous system.  Dr. Gabriel uses very specific tests to completely understand your body.  We have the latest research and science that is backed by experience and clinical expertise because -  

*at Dynamic Life, you do not have to worry about guess work, uncertainty or generalized approaches to your recovery and health.  If we cannot figure out how to help you, we know the right people who can*

Once a complete analysis is performed and Dr. Gabriel has determined how to best approach your situation, then very specific chiropractic care can be delivered and we will see the RESULTS that follow!


Dynamic Life is unique in that an x-ray suite with the very latest, digital x-ray technology is located on-site.  If x-rays are necessary for your specific case, you will not have to wait days or be sent out to have them performed.  This will save you time and money, and allow us to get your recovery started faster!

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