For our families:

"With health, everything is a source of pleasure; without it, nothing else, whatever it may be, is enjoyable... health is by far the most important element in human happiness."

Many of us wait far too long to realize this simple fact, and I can prove it to you -  Just remember the last time you were stuck in bed with a migraine or allergies, hugging the toilet with the flu, or down in the dumps with no energy including depression and anxiety.  When you think back to that moment, you were not dreaming of taking on a new adventure, getting a promotion at work, or conquering the next 10K, were you?  In that moment, when your health seemed to abandon you, all that you wanted is to feel BETTER! When you feel good you are free to live without limitations and dreams become possible again. Is that true for you?

We have been there. We understand what that feels like, BUT we also know that we can not only help you with your aches and pains, but also help you live the life you desire.  Please, feel free to schedule a free consultation for yourself, your family or a friend in need to find out if Dynamic Life can help you!

Taking Care of What Matters to You Most

Adults and Children

Family!  To us there a very few things more important than family.  We know that you probably feel that way, too. This is why we are honored that you trust us with not only your care, but the care of your loved ones, as well.

Chiropractic care, in recent years, has made a name for itself as "the neck pain/back pain doctors."  While many chiropractors specialize in that area, there is much more to chiropractic that you may not be familiar with...


For instance, if you or your children are suffering from:

  •    Arm, Wrist, or Hand Pain/Numbness

  •    Arthritis

  •    Anxiety

  •    Asthma

  •    Autism

  •    ADD/ADHD

  •    Allergies or Sensitivities

  •    Back Pain

  •    Bed Wetting

  •    Cancer

  •    Carpal Tunnel

  •    Depression or PTSD

  •    Diabetes

  •    Digestive or Stomach Problems

  •    Disc Problems

  •    Ear Infections

  •    Fatigue

  •    Fibromyalgia

  •    Fogginess

  •    Headache or Migraines

  •    Heartburn or Indigestion

  •    High Blood Pressure

  •    Hip Pain

  •    Leg Pain or Sciatica

  •    Loss of focus or concentration

  •    Menstrual Disorders

  •    Neck Pain

  •    Scoliosis

  •    Seizures

  •    Shoulder Pain

  •    Sinus Trouble

  •    TMJ Issues or Bell's Palsy

  •    ...or many of the other disorders that plague our society and our children's health today


Many times these things bother us and fester until you are no longer able to enjoy the fun parts of life or your work performance begins to suffer.  If you, your spouse, your kids or your loved ones have any of these things, then you may be a candidate for neurologically-based chiropractic care.  Dr. Gabriel is specifically trained in this rapidly growing field of chiropractic that focuses on the function of the nervous system.  This is probably much different from chiropractic care you may be used to, and the results with all kinds of health concerns have been nothing short of phenomenal.

We offer a complimentary consultation for you and your family, so we can determine if you are a candidate for neurologically-based chiropractic care, and you can see for yourself.  We provide you with all the information that we can, so that you can make an informed decision about your health and the health of your family.

Our Method

Our process is very simple: we meet you and we listen to you.  If we think that we may be able to help you, the next step is the assessment, that includes the use of all of our state-of-the-art technology, which provides Dr. Gabriel with the very specific, necessary information  to determine if you health concerns are part of an underlying problem that we can help you with.  The next step comes on our end with a detailed analysis of your exam results which tell us specifically where the problem(s) resides and exactly how we need make corrections.  Lastly, we sit down with you and show exactly what we found and explain how that is impacting your health and your life; we give you any recommendations Dr. Gabriel has made and then let you make an informed decision about how to move forward with your health and our care.  You will never have to worry if you are in the right place for your health concerns because after your complete analysis is complete Dr. Gabriel will know with certainty whether or not he is able to help you or not.  If you need care other than what we provide, we make sure we get you to the right people.

The Results

One common questions we get asked is, "I've had my back cracked by a chiropractor before, what makes you any different?"  The answer is in our approach to your health concerns. Here is why:  Dynamic Life Chiropractic uses neurologically-based care - which is a big phrase that means we use state-of-the-art technology to analyze your body all the way down to the deepest levels of your nervous system and then correct the problem all the down at the deepest level.  This approach allow us to gather very specific data and understand how your body is functioning far beyond what you can even feel (feeling pain is less than 10% of the function of the nervous system).  We look at 100% of the nervous system function. What we very commonly find is that people with many types of health concerns generally have a nervous system that is not functioning properly, and the neurologically-based approach lets us see how, where, and why this is happening!  The great part for you is that when we locate these problems and correct them in a very specific manner, you get to enjoy the amazing results our office is known for! 


We do many things to help you live your Dynamic Life, but if you need something that we do not provide, we have a special list of our top trusted providers in all areas of health including: nutrition, physical therapy and rehabilitation, massage, personal training and weight management, mental health, orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, neurology, as well as other chiropractic specialty fields.

Because our approach to your health is very in-depth and your care requires a very specific and high-level of precision correction, we focus mainly on that. Our focus is why we are the best at what we do and get the results you hear about.

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