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Getting chiropractic care is essential for pregnant women and new moms. Chiropractors work with the body’s natural ability to adapt and function the way that is was designed to, which is vital for the normal physiological function of both the mother and the baby during pregnancy and birth. Dr. Gabriel is specifically trained to work directly with the ligaments in the pelvis to help the pelvis bones naturally balance and aid the body in preparing for the upcoming birth. The technique of working with those ligaments and pelvis is called Webster’s technique.

Many expecting moms come in with that number one complaint of low back pain. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, including developmental and hormonal changes. Many of your ligaments may shift, and many women experience lower back pain as a result. Our job is to address these issues and help make your pregnancy experience enjoyable and pain-free. 

Providing the Care You Deserve

Maternity and Pediatrics

We all know how traumatic and hard the birthing process can be on moms, but it is also a very traumatic experience for the baby.  Almost every birth, whether it is natural, C-section or standard hospital births, involves some amount of twisting and pulling  and stress on the baby and his or her little head and neck - in some cases up to 60 lbs of pulling pressure!  That's a lot of strain on such a little body, and it is for this reason that most moms choose to bring their newborns within days of birth to have them checked for nervous system interference.  Nervous system interference that can present itself as:

  • colic

  • reflux

  • constipation

  • feeding and latching issues

  • not sleeping well

  • skin issues

  • immune system problems

  • failure to thrive

  • ...many other common problems

Dr. Gabriel is trained to take care of babies and children of all ages and wellness levels.  We love this part of our practice, and kids are actually his favorite, because they are always fun and always have a way of melting his heart.  Danielle also loves seeing the kiddos in the office and being a former pediatric and adult ICU nurse, she has had plenty of experience with sick kids. Miss Whitney has 10 years of experience with special needs children as well!

So, whether it is for Mom or Baby, Dynamic Life is always here to help you enjoy your soon to be VERY DYNAMIC LIFE!  Whether you are ready to start now or are looking for a second opinion, consultations are always complete and always free.

Our Method

Infancy is a crucial time in the development and future health of a child. Analyzing the function of the nervous system and locating areas of interference is simple and painless.  Removing the interference is also usually very quick and gentle.  Dr. Gabriel has fine-tuned his adjusting technique to be very, specific and gentle, so much so that you can see for yourself - next time you are at the grocery store test a good looking tomato for ripeness with your pinky - that's how much pressure it takes to get your newborn's nervous system functioning well.  NO TWISTING and NO POPPING - only soft, gentle hands for your most precious cargo.

The Results

Many parent's who have not spent much time in the office, seem a little apprehensive when they bring their baby in, and that is 100% natural and normal.  They usually ask us, "How long until we will know its working?" 

Luckily, with babies we usually see results quickly because they do not have all the stress and dysfunction that built up over years like us adults.  Many moms tell us it start to work, within  three or four visits with, "MY BABY FINALLY SLEPT!" "HE ONLY CRIED FOR HALF AS LONG TODAY!" or my favorite, "SHE POOPED!"  And, we know for parents, especially the first timers, this can mean everything!  They get to finally catch up on some sleep, get back to work and life and get to enjoy the blessings of raising a happy, healthy baby!

For our moms-to-be, we are here for you every step of the way.  From that first bit of pain, discomfort or dysfunction early on, to preparing your body for the delivery and setting you up for a quicker recovery.

Dr. Gabriel is specifically trained in techniques to align the pelvis, relax pelvic, muscles and ligaments which creates the optimal space for Baby to get ready for a proper delivery.

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